Mandatory Medical Exams

E2 Health Checks For Teaching In Korea


All teachers will be required to submit an E2 health statement questionnaire to the Korean Immigration office. Korea will not process your visa if this document has not been completed and submitted with your other required documents. Secondly, all teachers will be required to complete a medical exam at a designated Korean medical clinic upon arriving in Korea.


E2 Health Statement Questionnaire – A completed E2 health statement (questionnaire) will be required. You can locate and download the questionnaire by visiting our document downloads page.

Medical Exam – All western teachers entering Korea on a work visa will need to undergo a medical exam within their first 90 days. The medical exam will be conducted at a designated hospital or medical clinic within your area of employment. Please Note: Although teachers are required to complete the health check within their first 90 days, most schools require their teachers to complete this requirement within the first few weeks.

Testing for narcotics and contagious diseases – The medical exam will check to see if you have any contagious diseases that may be detrimental to a student’s health (e.g. Aids, Hep, TB, STDs, etc.). Secondly, the check will determine whether or not the teacher has any traces of illegal substances in their system (e.g. marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, speed, etc.).

Current tests are being conducted via blood samples, urine samples and chest x-rays. Please be prepared for this health examination when you arrive in Korea. If you have additional questions or concerns regarding the health checks then please don’t hesitate to discuss the matter with a Gone2Korea representative. You are not required to get a health check in your home country before arriving although it’s always wise to get a complete physical from your family physician before traveling to a foreign country.

Important – The Korean government takes zero risk when it comes to the safety of their students. Any disease or condition, regardless of risk, that is deemed a potential health threat is automatically screened by Korean Immigration officials. People with a history of severe depression and anxiety, or people who are taking medications for neurological conditions are currently being screened by Korean Immigration as well. Note: These policies are enforced by Korean Immigration and have nothing to do with Gone2Korea’s policies and requirements.  

Hepatitis A and B Inoculation– Gone2Korea strongly advises teachers to get their HEP (A&B) shots before departing for Korea. Generally speaking, Korea is a very clean and disease free country but HEP is quite common and protecting yourself from the potential risk is advised. Getting these shots can take several months to complete.

Cannaboid Test (Testing for marijuana and hash)– The cannaboid test is back in affect!!! Yes the cannaboid test was eliminated from the medical check requirement back in 2009 but it was reinstated in 2011. All teachers will be tested for marijuana during the medical examination – no exceptions. Please be advised: Depending on the amount of exposure, marijuana can stay in a person’s system for 2 weeks to 3 months. Gone2Korea does not reimburse visa or airfare related costs to teachers who fail the medical check.

Note: Health requirements for teaching English in Korea are strictly enforced by the Korean government and Gone2Korea is unable to help teachers secure working visas if they’re unable to pass the health requirements. We apologize in advance to those who aren’t eligible for visas but as recruiters we have no authority or control over the visa issuing policies of the Korean government.