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Jobs In Korea - Gone2Korea Job Offers And Information

Why we don't post specific ESL jobs in Korea on our site like other recruiting agencies?

The quick answer is: We want to take the strain of searching for the right ESL job off your hands and do the searching for you. You could spend hours weeding through hundreds of ESL jobs only to find 1 or 2 that you like. You apply for these positions only to find out that they are filled or the Korean school is looking for a specific applicant.

Teaching English in Korea through Gone2Korea is easy. We will save you time and energy and present you with ESL Jobs that match your requests. It's that simple.

Gone2Korea does not post specific ESL jobs in Korea on this site for a number of other reasons.

1) As some of you are aware, many of the ESL jobs you see on recruiting sites are not even available. The good ESL jobs in Korea are usually filled within 1 or 2 days of the posting, however many recruiter websites leave that posting online for another 2 weeks in order to attract more applicants. When you apply for that ESL job, numerous explanations are provided as to why you were not accepted, how it has already been filled, or how another position is better suited for you. You will then be informed about another ESL job that is supposedly identical to the initial position, although in reality it’s a different school, in a different location and offers a different salary.

2) Just because ESL jobs in Korea are advertised, this does not mean that they are available for you. Even if the job posting is credible, there is still a good possibility that you won’t be accepted for the position or even an interview. Many school directors and/or managers are very picky with their applicants: some request English teachers that fall within a specific age group. Some directors want teachers with previous experience, and others request a specific nationality or even gender in order to balance their staff. There are even some directors that are searching for specific ethnicities regardless of age, gender or nationality. (Please see our Important Facts page for more information) As you can see, things are not as transparent as they appear. In most cases the applicant will be presented with ESL jobs that were chosen selectively by the recruiter, regardless of what positions were posted online.

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3) A large percentage of language schools use multiple recruiters to locate new employees, similar to how applicants use multiple recruiters to locate schools. Schools do this in order to review more applications from a larger pool of resources. When a desirable position is posted on an agencies website, there’s a good chance that it is also posted on a number of other agency websites. Therefore your chances of securing this specific ESL job are strongly decreased.
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Gone2Korea Job Offers

Gone2Korea previously posted available ESL job offers on the Gone2Korea Job Board.  We recently changed the format to provide more factual information to our applicants.

Once you have completed the Gone2Korea Application, we have received your documents (resume and photo) and conducted an interview with one of our staff, we will start formally presenting your profile to our schools in Korea. Our search will be based on criteria that match your requests.  Example: You are interested in teaching elementary and middle school children with an afternoon/evening schedule located in a metropolitan area.  We will only submit your application to schools that fit this description.  If there are no directors interested in your profile, then we will discuss some possible alternatives with you.  These alternatives may include; changing your preferred age group or possibly widening your desired location. Please visit our Getting Started page for more details on how you can start receiving ESL Job Offers.

When will we present you with a job offer?

We will present you with ESL job offers as soon as a school has an interest in your profile.  We assure you that any school we present you with will have a legitimate interest in your services as an English teacher.  This means that the hiring director has reviewed your profile and would like to conduct an interview.  Ultimately if the interview goes well then the job will be formally offered.  Sometimes two to five schools will mention interest, sometimes one, and sometimes none.  There are many variables that affect the outcome of a teacher’s application; your resume, photo and recruiters input are the most vital tools in securing a good ESL job in Korea. Review some factual information on resumes, photos, recruiters and more, on our Important Facts page

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