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Welcome to Gone2Korea, a leading teach abroad program for adventurous graduates who want to teach English in South Korea. Our services are 100% free to use and all placements include airfare, furnished accommodations, health insurance and amazing support for the duration of your contracted term.

First time English teacher in Korea

Prior teaching experience or related university majors are not prerequisites for teaching overseas in Korea.

Teaching English to Elementary Students in Seoul

Seoul is an amazing place to live and work for a few years. Make sure to apply early because jobs in Seoul are competitive.

Preparing documents for teaching in South Korea

You’ll need to acquire a number of documents and apostilles in order to apply for a work visa. See what’s needed.

Teach in Korea Notices

We are now accepting applications for the Summer 2022 hiring intake (mid May departure/arrival date with a June 1st job start date). Apply to get started, or drop us a line if you have any questions.

We still have some great job vacancies available for Feb/Mar 2022; primarily in Seoul and Gyeonggi. In order to accommodate one of these positions, you must have your visa documents at your disposal (if applying from your home country), or you are residing in Korea already.

There’s good and bad news about the English teaching job market in Korea. The good news, schools are continuing to hire new teachers so there are still lots of good opportunities available. The bad news, schools aren’t hiring as many new teachers as they typically do which is making things a little more competitive for applicants.

Note:  The upcoming spring intake (Feb/Mar 2022) looks promising (i.e. good job numbers.

Apply Early: Due to current English teaching visa restrictions in Japan and China (because of covid), we’re expecting a significant increase in applications for Korea. As such, we recommend applying early when possible.

As you can imagine, Korean schools and programs are now asking us for the vaccination status of the candidates before they offer the interviews. If you plan on teaching English in Korea, then you’ll need to get vaccinated in order to qualify for 99% of the jobs available.

Canadian English teachers must have their visa documents (background check and degree) authenticated by the federal or provincial government, before sending them to the consulate for the verification stamps. This is a new Immigration requirement which is applicable to all Canadians who are applying to teach in Korea.

IMPORTANT: There’s a lengthy processing timeline for this authentication. Make sure to get your documents submitted as early as possible.  Learn more

Update: Teacher quarantine duration is now 10 days (was 14 days before).

Korean Immigration still requires all new teachers entering Korea to quarantine upon arrival. The quarantine is mandatory, regardless of your vaccination status.

Who pays for the quarantine expenses?

  • The private sector schools we work with cover 70-100% of the quarantine housing costs.
  • Public schools do not cover quarantine expenses so teachers are responsible for covering the respective costs (1.3 – 1.6 million KRW)

In order to board a flight to Korea, regardless of the airline or point of departure, you’ll need to provide a negative results PCR covid test. More importantly, the test must have been administered within 72 hours of your boarding time/date. Without the test, the airlines won’t let you check in.

Additionally, teachers will be required to conduct another PCR test within their first 3 days of arrival and again at the end of the 2 week quarantine period. Please Note: These are Korean government policies, not Gone2Korea policies.

We’re Hiring!

Apply today and start teaching in Korea within 6-8 weeks!

Why Gone2Korea

For Your Teaching in Korea Adventure

Our team of former teachers is committed to making your teach abroad job search what it should be, painless and enjoyable! Here are a few reasons to take advantage of our services, aside from our stellar reputation!

Dedicated Support

Personal one-on-one support with an expert teacher coordinator

Job Placement

Job placement with trusted schools and programs throughout South Korea

Visa Assistance

We make the visa application process with immigration totally painless

Valuable Resources

Best in class manuals and easy to follow instructions every step of the way

TEFL Certification

We pass our TEFL commission over to you for additional discounts

Airfare & Arrival

Pre-departure preparation, airfare assistance and arrival transport

Teach. Travel. Discover.

Teaching English in South Korea is so much more than a job opportunity. It’s an eye opening, character building, skill developing, remember forever experience!

Common Questions

There are zero program fees for using our job placement services. Everything we offer you is 100% free. Learn more about startup costs.

Whether you require a TEFL or TESOL certification depends on your teaching credentials, or lack thereof, and the type of job you want to pursue. Check our TEFL page to learn more.

The vast majority of new jobs start on March 1st, June 1st, September 1st and December 1st. Learn more about school hiring dates

All teaching contracts are for 12 months. You’ll have the option to extend the contract and renew your visa at the end of your contracted term. 

You’ll need to secure a federal level check from your country of citizenship. Make sure to give our background checks page a look for instructions and pro tips.

An Apostille is a specific type of authentication, typically used to verify documents. All teachers must have their degree and background check authenticated with an Apostille

No you don’t. Most people begin the application process before they’ve managed to acquire the necessary documentation. That said, we’ll need to know when you expect to have your documents available.

Looking for something else? Head over to our monster size FAQ for everything about ‘teaching english in Korea’.

Thanks for checking us out, we’re glad you’re here!

Gone2Korea is your connection to full-time teaching jobs in South Korea. Western graduates, primarily from the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, use our services to secure jobs with trusted Korean schools, and schools use our services to find and hire enthusiastic teachers from the West.

Worth noting: We’re not a job ‘sourcing’ agency or recruiter that finds new schools on the fly. On the contrary, we work with a select group of schools and programs that we know and trust. 

In addition to helping you land a job, we’ll also be helping you with your work visa, departure, arrival, and offering support for the entirety of your contracted term.

Prior teaching experience and related degrees are NOT prerequisites for teaching in Korea. Here’s what you’ll need in order to qualify.

Korean schools and programs offer western English teachers highly competitive benefits packages which includes: