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From the beginning our purpose has been to supply university graduates with the resources they need in order to make informed decisions they’re comfortable with. We do our best to offer the most up to date information and insights into the ESL job market in South Korea.

Our staff works closely with new and experienced English teacher’s everyday to ensure their transition into teaching overseas is enjoyable. We’re fair and upfront with the schools we represent, honest with the teachers we place and support and we continually strive to offer reliable information that exceeds our competition.

Furthermore, we never pressure teachers into positions they’re not comfortable with.

Gone2Korea Philosophy

Teaching English in Korea is only part of the overall experience and working at the best school does not guarantee a positive overall experience if the location is undesirable. Likewise, working in the best location does not guarantee a positive overall experience if your school is undesirable. After all, what is acceptable to one person may not be acceptable to another.

We believe that accurate information is the key to success in the Korean ESL recruiting industry. Our staff has spent the last 10+ years weeding through schools, taking photos, building trustworthy relationships with school managers and directors, and most importantly developing credibility with western teachers.

A Brief History About Gone2Korea

Gone2Korea was established in 2002 while we were employed as ESL teachers in the city of Gumi, South Korea. During our time in Korea, we had many friends from home asking questions about the intriguing emails we were sending and the substantial amounts of money we were saving. To make a long story short, many of them eventually started asking us if we could help them secure employment in Korea as well – which we gladly obliged.

At that time, just like today, there was a strong demand for native English speakers in many cities throughout South Korea. Therefore it was just a matter of finding the best schools to match them with. It wasn’t long before we had people contacting us on a regular basis looking for employment in Korea.

After completing our third contract we decided to return to our home in Toronto Canada. It’s safe to say we had a very different perspective on the world upon returning. We considered getting back into our previous professions; however, after much thought we decided to pursue Gone2Korea as a full time business.

Gone2Korea Today

Today Gone2Korea is a leading recruiting and placement agency with staff and offices in North America and Korea. As of 2016 Gone2Korea has secured school clients in more than 90 Korean cities throughout the country. Over the years we have developed solid relationships with our partners and an honest reputation among the teachers we represent. Due to these factors a large portion of our business is now based on referrals. We ask that you visit our Gone2Korea Testimonials page to see what former Gone2Korea teachers have to say about our services. Gone2Korea Recruiting is a registered division of Venture Sense Inc., an incorporated company within the province of Ontario Canada.

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