British & Australian English Teachers Required to Submit Birth Certificate

British & Australian English Teachers Required to Submit Birth Certificate

As of the Fall 2013 hiring session EPIK requires all British and Australian applicants to submit a notarized copy of their Birth Certificate that’s been authenticated with an Apostille.

Procedures: Bring your birth certificate to a notary public or lawyer with a notary license and ask them to make you a notarized copy (same process as getting your bachelor’s degree certificate notarized). Once you have the notarized copy you need to send it to the Apostille office (Apostille Offices)

Combining Documents for Apostille Authentication: The EPIK office will allow British and Australian applicants to have their notarized criminal record check (basis disclosure, police clearance, etc.) Apostilled along with the notarized copy of their birth certificate; meaning, you can submit them together and request a single Apostille for the combined documents. However, applicants still need to have both documents notarized separately in order to secure the combined Apostille authentication. To be clear, applicants should have the original criminal record check notarized and a copy of their birth certificate notarized.

Notarized Copy of Degree Certificate: The notarized copy of your degree MUST be apostilled separately; meaning, applicants can NOT combine the notarized copy of their degree with the criminal record check and birth certificate. Applicants who submit degrees and criminal record checks that are stapled or tied to one Apostille will be asked to submit their documents again.

Important – Multiple Names: If the name on your submitted birth certificate is different than your present name then EPIK requires you to submit an apostilled criminal record check under each name.

Why are British and Australian teachers required to submit the birth certificate and other nationalities aren’t? Because criminal charges, arrests, convictions, etc. do not appear on British and Australian criminal record checks if the person had their name changed.

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