Canada Authentication

In order to apply for a Korean work visa, Canadians must have two documents authenticated by the JLAC and stamped by the Korean Consulate in their jurisdiction. There are no alternatives for either of these requirements, Korean Immigration needs both.


Visa application policies for Canadians changed on April 19th 2021. All Canadian visa applicants must now secure authentications from the Global Affairs Canada Authentication Services Section (known as the JLAC) before they acquire the Consulate verification stamps. Everything is explained below.

Documents That Canadians Need To Authenticate

1. How to Authenticate RCMP Background Checks


First, you need to order and receive the physical RCMP Check. For instructions on how to order an RCMP Check > GO HERE

After you’ve received the RCMP Check, you must send it to the JLAC (Global Affairs Canada Authentication Services Section) for the authentication. Note: The JLAC is only accepting mail in orders at this time. Make sure to include the following items:

You do NOT have to get the RCMP Check notarized, the JLAC with authenticate your original check. Aside from the mailing costs, there are no fees, it’s a free service.

*** Make sure to double check authentication policies with the JLAC before offering them your documents. Government agencies change policies quite frequently.


After the JLAC returns your RCMP Check, with the affixed authentication, you must bring, or mail it to the Korean Consulate in your jurisdiction so they can verify it with a verification stamp. Without the Consulate stamp, Korean Immigration won’t process your work visa. Here’s what you need to offer the Consulate in order to secure the verification stamp.

The consulates have certain walk-in hours during the week. If you’re within driving distance, you can visit them in person to acquire the stamp, no appointment needed.

And that’s it! Your RCMP check is now ready for your work visa application.

2. How to Authenticate a Bachelor's Degree

The process for getting your bachelor’s degree ready for Korean Immigration is the exact same as the RCMP Check, there’s just one additional step; you need to have a photocopy of your degree notarized first. Here’s what you need to do:


Bring your original bachelor’s degree – the physical certificate – to a public notary, or lawyer with a notary license, and request a ‘Notarized Copy’.  The lawyer/notary will make a photocopy of your degree, then sign and stamp the copy with a seal (you now have a notarized copy of your degree). Make sure to confirm payment methods before you go and bring one piece of government issued ID.


Send the notarized copy of your degree to the JLAC (Global Affairs Canada Authentication Services Section) for authentication. Here is what you’ll need to provide them with:


Lastly, bring or mail the authenticated copy of your degree to the Korean Consulate in your jurisdiction for a Consulate Verification Stamp. 

And that’s it! Your notarized copy of degree is now ready for a Korean work visa application.

*** To save time and money, plan to have your copy of degree, and RCMP check, verified by the Consulate at the same time. 

JLAC Notes
Consulate Notes

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