Chungbuk Province

Chungbuk-Do South Korea

Also known as North Chungcheong Province

The magpie, white magnolia and the zelkova tree are all synonymous with Chungcheongbuk Do. Chungbuk Wikipedia page.

Major Cities in Chungbuk Province


Population: 852,000

The capital city, also the largest, of North Chungcheong Province. Historically important.

Cheongju Wiki


Population: 223,000

Hometown of former UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon. Famous for their martial arts festival.

Chungju Wiki


Population: 146,000

This centrally located city is a major railway junction and transportation mecca in Korea.

Jecheon Wiki


Population: 62,000

Technically a county, Jincheon is an important agricultural hub for the country.

Jincheon Wiki

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