Chungbuk Province

Chungbuk-Do South Korea

Also known as North Chungcheong Province

Chungcheongbuk Do Province
The magpie, white magnolia and the zelkova tree are all synonymous with Chungcheongbuk Do. Chungbuk Wikipedia page.


Chungcheongbukdo Symbol

Chungbuk Province Logo


Major Cities in Chungbuk Province

City Symbol Population Brief Description
CheongjuCheongju Symbol638, 000-Capital city of North Chungcheong – Famous for its importance throughout Korean history and its historical areas.
ChungjuChungju Symbol218, 000-Famous for Namsan Mountain which is situated right in the city
JecheonJecheon Symbol148, 000-Major railway crossroad provides easy access to alternative locations, includes Jungjang and Taebaek Lines
JincheonJincheon Symbol62, 000-Offers numerous festivals for a city of its size – On the brink of becoming one of most rapidly growing cities – Agriculture plays an important role here.