Chungbuk Province

Chungbuk-Do South Korea


Chungcheongbuk Do Province

The magpie, white magnolia and the zelkova tree are all synonymous with Chungcheongbuk Do.


Chungcheongbukdo Symbol

City Symbol Population Brief Description
CheongjuCheongju Symbol638, 000-Capital city of North Chungcheong – Famous for its importance throughout Korean history and its historical areas.
ChungjuChungju Symbol218, 000-Famous for Namsan Mountain which is situated right in the city
JecheonJecheon Symbol148, 000-Major railway crossroad provides easy access to alternative locations, includes Jungjang and Taebaek Lines
JincheonJincheon Symbol62, 000-Offers numerous festivals for a city of its size – On the brink of becoming one of most rapidly growing cities – Agriculture plays an important role here.