Chungnam Province

Chungnam-Do South Korea


Chungcheongbuk Do Province

There is almost 2 million Koreans living in Chungcheongnam Do. In addition to the 2 million there is roughly 20, 000 foreigners living and working here. The province is very low and flat with no point exceeding 1,000 meters high making it the lowest province in the country. Despite its low elevation, there are still low lying mountains to be found such as The Charyeongsanmaek Mountain Range and The Gaya mountains. Sand dunes along its coastline make its beaches very inviting for tourists and locals alike.

Chungcheongbukdo Symbol

City Symbol Population Brief Description
Asanasansymbol103,000-Famous for its hot springs and beautiful surroundings
Boryeongboryeongsymbol110,000-Famous for its beaches, its surrounding islands and The Boryeong Mud Festival
Cheonancheonansymbol465,000-Connected to Seoul and Daejeon – Entire city center is surrounded by mountains – Recognized for its quality agricultural products.
Gongjugongjusymbol132,000-Beautiful scenery – The future capital city of South Korea
– Currently phasing new administrative offices into the city, by 2030 the transition will be complete and South Korea will have a new capital area
Nonsannonsansymbol139,000– An agrarian city, crops of importance to this city include rice, strawberries, Nashi Pears and ginseng – Interesting place to live and visit.
Seosanseosansymbol155,000-Nice beaches, surrounding islands and scenic farm land provides some decent tourist areas