Document Requirements

There are numerous documents you’ll need to organize in order to land a job and acquire a work visa. These documents are mandatory for everyone, regardless of your nationality. Even if you accept a position through another recruiter or program, or you land a job independently, the documentation you need to submit is the same.

Required Documents for Teaching English in Korea

You Can Still Apply

You can apply and start the job application process with our coordinators BEFORE you’ve collected all of the necessary documentation. We just need to know when your documents will be ready (rough timeline).

TEFL Certificates

Certain jobs and programs also require a TEFL certificate (hardcopy or PDF version).

Document Requirements Explained

The fine print!

Valid Passport

  • You must have a passport from one of the designated English speaking countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand or South Africa.
  • Your passport should be valid for a period of 12 months from your expected date of entry into Korea.
  • You’ll also need 2 free-blank passport pages for your work visa.

Bachelor's Degree

  • You’ll need the hardcopy of your Bachelor’s degree (the physical certificate).
  • Any major or field of study qualifies.
  • Your degree must come from an accredited university or college that resides within one of designated English speaking countries (US, CA, UK, IR, AS, NZ or SA).
  • All nationalities, US, UK, AS, etc. (excluding Canadians) must have a copy of their degree certificate notarized then authenticated with an Apostille. Canadians must have their degree notarized, then authenticated by the provincial or federal authentications office then verified by the Korean consulate.

Criminal Record Check

  • Depending on where you’re from, Criminal Record Checks may also be referred to as: Background Checks, FBI Checks, Basic Disclosures, Criminal History Reports, Police Clearance Checks, Subject Access Reports, other.
  • All teachers must secure checks at the federal level (state, provincial and city level checks are not accetped).
  • All nationalities, US, UK, AS, etc. (excluding Canadians) must have their background check authenticated with an Apostille. Canadians must have their check authenticated then verified by the Korean consulate.

Passport Photos

  • Six (6) official passport photos are needed.  Your photos will be needed at various stages of the process (some go to the Korean immigration office, one goes to the Korean consulate and the remaining photos will be used when you arrive and conduct your health check and apply for your alien registration card.
  • All 6 photos should be the same shot (duplicates), full color (no black and white photos) and printed by a professional passport photo developer.

Immigration Forms

  • Numerous Korean Immigration forms will need to be completed and submitted at various stages of the job and visa application process. Your respective Gone2Korea coordinator will provide you with the necessary forms, and instructions, at the appropriate time. 
  • Immigration forms will include: E2 Health Statement, Employment Contract, Visa Application Form, Consulate Checklist, Other.


  • You’ll need to make photocopies of everything listed above.
  • Some Korean consulates request photocopies of your documents and it’s wise to bring copies of everything to Korea, just in case they’re needed.

Public Schools Applications

If you plan on pursuing jobs in the public school system (i.e. EPIK Program) then you’ll need to organize 2 sets of sealed academic transcripts from your respective college or university, 2 reference letters from professional or academic sources, and a TEFL certification, in addition to everything else listed above.  

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Prior teaching experience and related degrees are NOT prerequisites for teaching in Korea. Here’s what you’ll need in order to qualify.

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