Document Requirements

Required Documents for Teaching English in Korea

A comprehensive list of documents & forms that you’ll need

There are numerous documents to organize and submit before you can begin teaching English in Korea. These materials are necessary for landing a job (with an employer/school) and acquiring a work visa  through Korean Immigration. The requirements are mandatory for all candidates regardless of your country of citizenship or credentials. Therefore, even if you decide to accept a position through another recruiting agency, or you land a job independently without recruiter assistance, the documentation you require is the same.


IMPORTANT:  You can apply before you’ve acquired all of the necessary documents listed below, most people do it that way. You will need all of the paperwork eventually, however, having it at your disposal is not necessary to begin the application process and start interviewing with schools.


Documentation that you will need to gather on your own

Gone2Korea will help you with the collection of these items (guides, instructions, tips, etc.)


Document Description
Valid Passport
– Valid passport from one of the following countries: US, CA, UK, IR, AS, NZ, SA- Your passport should be valid for 12 months from your expected date of entry into Korea.
– You will need at least 1 free/blank passport page.
Bachelors Degree (Diploma)
– Any major or field of study will qualify you.- Your degree must come from a college/university that resides within 1 of the 7 designated English speaking countries (US, CA, UK, IR, AS, NZ or SA). 

– You will need your actual diploma (the physical certificate).
Graduates who do not have their diploma yet may submit a ‘Letter of Expected Graduation’ or ‘Certificate of Graduation Stating Attainment of Degree’ as a temporary alternative. Certain conditions apply, please speak with your Gone2Korea coordinator for details.

– Your diploma must be notarized and authenticated with an Apostille for Korean Visa purposes.

Sealed Transcripts (Academic Records)
– 2 sets are required.

– Both sets should be ‘officially sealed’ in a university envelope with a stamp, or sticker, or signature on top of the overlapping crease.

Criminal Record Check
– Background checks may also be referred to as: FBI Checks, Criminal History Reports, Police Checks, Subject Access Forms, Criminal Background Searches, Criminal Clearance Letters, other.

– All teachers must secure checks at the federal level – no exceptions. All nationalities (excluding Canadians) must have their background check authenticated with an Apostille Certificate. Canadian teachers must secure a verification stamp from the Korean consulate in their jurisdiction as an alternative to the Apostille certificate. BEFORE you order your check make sure to review our related pages – Background Check Requirements and Apostille information (USA Apostille Info or International Apostille Info).

Passport Photos
– 6 official passport photos are needed.

– When possible, request Korean Immigration photo dimensions (3.5cm or 1.38 inches wide by 4.5cm or 1.77 inches tall).

– 3 photos will be sent to Korean Immigration Office, 1 will go to the Korean consulate and 2 will be required for when you arrive and apply for your alien card in Korea.

– All photos should be the same shot (duplicates) and full color (no black and white photos).

Updated Resume
– Make sure to include any work related experience on your resume. Visit our application tips page for some useful resume tips and advice.
Legible Photocopies
– Photocopies of everything listed above.

– Many Korean consulates will request photocopies of the original documents you submitted to the Korean Immigration. Remember to photocopy all of your documents (originals and notarized copies) before sending them out.

Recommendation Letters
(Public sector only)
– Recommendation letters are only required for jobs in the public school sector. Those applying for private school positions do not require reference letters unless the school requests them.

– Letters must come from academic or professional sources only (i.e. former professor, employer, manager, supervisor, etc.). Both letters must include the person’s name, status, address, contact number and an ink signature (letterheads are advised).


Different forms that Gone2Korea will provide during your job and visa application


Document Description
E2 Health Statement
The health statement is a self assessment questionnaire form only, meaning you can complete the form yourself without a doctor’s note or signature. All teachers will be required to complete a health check at a designated medical clinic in Korea within their first month of arrival. The test results in Korea must match the answers you provided on the form.
School Contract
– We will present you with an employment contract once a school or program makes you a formal job offer.
Visa Application Form
You can download the current version of the visa application form our document downloads page; however, completing the form is not required until you have secured a sponsor (Korean school) and obtained a visa issuance number or notice of appointment from your Gone2Korea representative (Issued by Korean Immigration).
Korean Consulate Checklist
– This is a basic checklist which outlines the documents you will need to provide the Korean consulate with during the final stage of our your visa application.
– Your Gone2Korea representative will offer you this document at the appropriate stage of your application, or you can download it from our document downloads page.
EPIK Application Form
(Public Sector Only)
– Only applicable to those who pursue jobs within the public school sector. Your Gone2Korea representative will email you this document after the initial interview.

Optional documentation for public school candidates

These additional documents are necessary for higher pay
Document Description
Teaching Certificate
Teachers must submit a photocopy of their teaching certificate (teaching license or PGCE) for the second stage of the process and they must bring the original certificate to Korea for verification. Failing to provide the original certificate for verification will result in a lower monthly salary.
Please Note: Lifelong education teaching certificates or expired teaching licenses are not accepted as a credential.
TEFL, TESOL or CELTA Certificate
TEFL certificates MUST consist of 100 course hours or more – anything less than 100 hours is not accepted as a credential. In order to qualify for a pay-level increase the certificate MUST clearly state the number of course hours.
If the number of hours is not clearly stated on the certificate then sufficient supporting documentation such as: transcripts, website information or correspondence from the issuing organizing, will be required. Teachers must provide a photocopy of their certificate 1 month prior to their respective contract starting date and bring the original certificate to Korea for verification during the EPIK orientation period. Note: CELTA certificates do not require proof of hours.
GET TEFL CERTIFIED: Gone2Korea recommends using TEFL Source to get certified. They have a wide selection of accredited courses from many different internationally recognized course providers.
Proof Of Full Time Teaching Experience
Must include the name of the school and/or institute, address, proper letterhead, signature or official school stamp and a contact number in the header of the document.
Proof of employment letters must have been issued by the administrational office of the school, letters from co-workers are not accepted.Must state that you were a full-time teacher.
Dates of employment must be provided (example: September 2007 to August 2008).
Teaching experience must show 1 full year (12 months) in order to qualify for the next pay-level, anything less than 12 months is not accepted (10 – 11 months does not qualify unless it was for one full academic year).If you are currently teaching but have not yet completed a full 12 month term then you are NOT allowed to state that you have 1 year of teaching experience, the proof of full-time teaching experience must be dated after your contract completion date.


Other Requirements


What Description
Name Verification
Your name details on all documents NEED to match the name (spelling and middle name if applicable) as it appears on your passport. Meaning, the name on your criminal background check, diploma, etc. should match the name that’s on your passport.
If your name details don’t match then please notify your Gone2Korea representative for more information.


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