Mandatory Medical Exams

E2 Health Checks For Teachers Entering Korea

Government regulated medical exams

The South Korean Government takes zero risk when it comes to student health and safety. As such, they have strict health policies for all Western teachers entering the country. Any ailment or condition, regardless of severity, deemed a potential health risk to Korean student’s will likely result in a declined or revoked work visa.

The Korean government enforces health requirements with a two-step verification process.


Step 1 – E2 Health Statement: All successful candidates are required to submit a signed and dated health questionnaire (sworn declaration) called the ‘E2 Health Statement Questionnaire’. This form gets submitted to the Korean Immigration Office when you apply for your visa. You can download the questionnaire on our document downloads page.


Step 2 – Physical Examination: Secondly, everyone entering Korea will need to complete a medical exam at a designated Korean medical clinic. The doctor will essentially compare the exam results to the sworn information you provided on the E2 Health Statement. The exam will include blood and urine samples, chest x-rays and doctor Q&A. The tests will check for contagious ailments and substances in your system such as prescribed medications and illicit narcotics. Please Note: People who require medications for neurological conditions are generally screened by Korean Immigration.


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