Emergency Contacts

Emergency Assistance For Foreigners in Korea

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Gone2Korea if you require information, tips or advice during your time in Korea. If we’re unable to help you then we’ll make sure to point you in the right direction or put you in contact with someone who can. In the unlikely event that you encounter a problem with your school or employer, please make sure to inform us of the problem right away so we can help you resolve the matter in a timely manner. We have no loyalty to schools that mistreat their staff.

24 Hour Travel Assistance (English Operator) – In Seoul dial 1330

When you need English assistance or travel information, just dial 1330 and a bilingual operator will offer you detailed information on tourist sites, transportation, restaurants and more. If you need information and you are in an area outside of Seoul, enter the area code of that region before dialing 1330.


Korean Immigration Offices (In Korea)

Seoul Immigration Office
(02) 650-6239
Incheon Immigration Office
(032) 882-0544
Busan Immigration Office
(051) 463-7161
Gimpo Immigration Office
(02) 664-7614
Gimhae Immigration Office
(051) 972-1610
Jeju Immigration Office
(064) 22-3494

Calling from within Korea
LAN Line from within Seoul: Dial 1330
Cell Phone: Dial (Area Code) + 1330
(Example – For Seoul (02 + 1330) – See chart below.
Service charge: local telephone charge only
Calling from outside of Korea
Dial 01182 + (Area Code minus the 0) + 1330
(Example – For Seoul (01182 + 2 + 1330)

Emergency Assistance In Korea For Foreigners

Dial 112
Emergency Rescue (Fire and Ambulance)
Dial 119
Medical Emergencies
Dial 129
Dial 113
FOCUS (Foreigner Community Service)
Dial (02) 798-7529
Medical Referral Service
Dial 010-4769-8212
Seoul Help Center

Additional Assistance and Support

Legal Counseling Service(02) 508-1745
Directory Assistance (Local)114
Directory Assistance (Long Distance)(Area Code) + 114
International Dialing Information00794
Alcoholics Anonymous Seoul(02) 319-5861
Alcoholics Anonymous Daegu(053) 768-6732
International Operator00799

(AC) Area Codes – Drop the ‘0’ if calling from outside Korea