ESL Lesson Plan – Example For EPIK Applications


Lesson Plan Format for EPIK Program Applications

  • Subject: English or ESL
  • Unit (Title): Friends
  • Grade (No. of Students): 1st (Approx. 30 Students)
  • Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to
    1. Point and identify various colors throughout the room when prompted
    2. Name the color and type of clothing worn by a partner (friend)


► Key Expressions: Students will focus on using the following language

1. “What is your friend wearing today?”
2. “Robert is my friend. Today he is wearing…”
3. “What is your friend’s favorite color?”
4. “Alan’s favorite color is…”

► Teaching Aids/Materials: The instructor will require the following materials

A. “Bag of Mystery”
B. Three types of fruits or vegetables
C. Large colored paper plates
D. PowerPoint Slideshow

► Steps and Procedures:

Introduction: (5 min)

Greetings & Warm Up: I will begin the class with a cheerful greeting, followed by a few basic questions to gauge the children’s knowledge of basic colors. “Good morning class! Who can tell me what day it is?” “By a show of hands, who can tell me what color the sky is?” Gauging the student’s interaction level and knowledge of colors I may continue to ask questions about colors pertaining to other relatable nouns. Ex: What color is the ocean? What color is the grass? What color is my hair?

Review: Next, I will move on and refresh their memories of the previous lesson. I will ask the students what the last lesson was about. Upon remembering “Fruit and Vegetables,” I will ask a student displaying good manners to pull something out of the “Bag of Mystery.” “Before we open the bag of mystery, who can raise their hand and tell me what we learned about last week?” Once answered the student will then pull out the 3 types of items from the bag. Together the class will name each item. Immediately following, I will ask the students, “Who can tell me what color the carrot is? Apple is? Broccoli is?” This will prompt the introduction of the day’s lesson. I will then tell them, “Today we will be learning about our friends within the classroom. We will learn how to identify what they are wearing and we will even be able to identify the color!”

Class Arrangement: Before students arrive the class will be divided into 5 groups of 6 students in each group. Each group of chairs will have a large colored paper plate upon them. This will serve as a flashcard and reference to the students. I will also need the projector set up displaying photos of clothing, colors and the vocabulary words that pertain to the proper icon.

Presentation of Objectives: I will then unveil the objectives previously written on the board. This will include the key expressions the students will be able to answer by the end of the class. “What is your friend wearing today?” “What is your friend’s favorite color?”

Development: (30 min)

Presentation I (Approx 7 min): I will ask each group students to hold up their groups color. As a class we will learn the color and the vocabulary word will be placed on the PowerPoint for the student’s first reference. The class will repeat the name of the color as it is given and will then be introduced to more colors. After learning these colors we will begin the first activity.

Practice (Approx 5 min): With the chairs and group colors already divided, I will ask for each group to find something within the classroom that matches their group’s assigned color. After a few minutes, I will then call a group member up to walk over to the object they spotted within the classroom. Upon finding the objects the students will practice repeating the color name. After each group has presented we will sit back in groups for the second portion of the lesson.

Presentation II (Approx 7 min): I will then bring up another set of vocabulary words and pictures on the PowerPoint. These words/pictures will reference basic clothing items the students wear every day. Students will repeat each word as presented and also point to the matching item they are wearing. After completion of the last vocabulary words the second activity will begin.

Practice (Approx 7 min): Students will be instructed to talk to a partner sitting next to them and discuss the clothes and if/what colors they are wearing that day. They will ask the following questions: What is their partner’s favorite color? What is your friend wearing today? If time is available they will each present what they have learned to their organized group.

Conclusion: (Approx 5 min)

Summary: I will reference the objectives written on the board and restate what was learned for the day, “Today we learned these different colors (state color vocabulary words) and identified these articles of clothing (insert clothing vocabulary). You also identified what types of clothing and colors your partner is wearing today and should have found out their favorite color.

Evaluation of Objectives: In the previous group and partner exercises students should have formulated proper sentences. At this time I will then call on various students to answer one of the two questions in the form of a proper sentence to the entire class.

Closing: I will end the class by encouraging and congratulating the class on their hard work for the day and then hint at the next lesson. “Great job today everyone! Thank you for working so hard and learning so many new things! Tomorrow the Bag of Mystery will have something new for us to learn! We will continue learning about all of our friends in the classroom and learn more about clothing too! Be sure to practice your vocabulary tonight with your parents! Ask your parents to point to something in the house and see if you can name the color! You can even ask to help fold the laundry and practice naming clothing then! Have a good day! See you tomorrow!




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