Gangwon Province

Gangwon-Do South Korea

Chungcheongbuk Do Province

Gangwon Do is made up of just over 1.5 million people of which there is approximately 10, 000 foreigners curently living within its cities and towns. Gangwon Do is home to The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), Seoraksan National Park, Chiaksan National Park and Odaesan National Park. The Red Crown Crane is their official bird and the Asiatic Black Bear is their official animal.


GangwonDo Symbol


Major Cities in Gangwon Province

City Symbol Population Brief Description
ChuncheonChuncheon Symbol205, 000-Famous for its culture, historical areas and numerous festivals – Also recognized for its natural beauty
DonghaeDonghae Symbol103, 000-Coastal city with two major port areas – Famous for its ancient caverns and caves
GangneungGangneung Symbol230, 000-Coastal city with numerous historical areas – Considered a national tourist destination – Famous for its beaches and bathing facilities – Home to Gyeongpo Provincial Park
SamcheokSamcheok Symbol80, 000-Recognized for its breath taking coast line – Many tourists visit this city during the warmer seasons
WonjuWongju Symbol77, 000-Located near Chiaksan National Park which is known for its gorgeous scenery and tranquil environment – Many historic and cultural areas
SokchoSokcho Symbol279, 000-Coastal city recognized as being a tourist hotspot due to its beautiful beaches, hot springs, national parks and spas.

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