Getting Started

So you’re thinking about heading to South Korea and teaching English for a year or two.
Good news, you’re in the right place!

How To Teach English in Korea



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    Make sure you qualify

    First you need to determine if you qualify for paid teaching positions in South Korea. The Korean Government has specific qualification requirements that each candidate must meet in order to work legally. Check our Eligibility page to see of you qualify.

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    Double check the documents you will need

    You’ll need to submit a number of documents during the application procedures. You don’t have to have the documents in your possession in order to apply and begin pursuing jobs, however, it’s best to double check the Document Requirements in advance to make sure that you’ll be able to secure the necessary paperwork for when it’s needed.

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    Get familiar with school expectations

    Becoming a teacher, even for a brief ‘teach and travel’ experience, isn’t for everyone. Before committing to the process it’s wise to familiarize yourself with school expectations and teacher responsibilities.

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    Choose a starting date

    There are a number of factors to consider when you’re trying to decide on an appropriate starting date. The first factor is job availability with Korean employers and the second is your document availability. Because schools do the majority of hiring at the beginning of each semester it’s sometimes difficult for recruiters to match applicants with their preferred starting date. As a result candidates may need to offer some level of flexibility with dates. Advice: When you complete our online application form it’s best to indicate your earliest date of availability.

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    Private or Public?

    Deciding which employment sector, public or private, you prefer to work in before applying is helpful but not essential. If you have a preference for a specific sector then it’s best to list that preference in the appropriate field when applying. If you’re not sure, or don’t have a preference, then you can select undecided on the form and a Gone2Korea coordinator will gladly discuss the options and differences with you. Note: If you’re applying for a specific post from our job board then try to include the job number when registering.

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    Deciding on a working location

    Having a general idea about the type of area you’d prefer to live in (a specific city or favorable location type such as a metropolitan city) is also helpful but not fundamentally important to your application. Please note: Although Korea is geographically small, it has more than a dozen large urban cities with populations that exceed 1 million people). Check out our popular destinations page for some useful location information.

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    Submit your application