Getting Started

Planning on heading to South Korea and teaching English for a year or two?
Good news, you’re in the right place!

Gone2Korea is a leading agency that’s responsible for coordinating hundreds of job placements for adventurous American, Canadian and British graduates every year.

What we can help you with 🙂

The short answer, we’re here to help you secure a teaching job and work visa with a reputable school in Korea.

Here’s the long answer in case you’re interested. We introduce you to Korean schools that are hire western teachers, prepare you for the school interviews, explain the contract signing, help you collect the required documentation, guide you through each step of your visa application, advise you through the preparation and planning stage, organize your flight to Korea and arrange your arrival procedures like airport pickup and your school meet and greet.

Where you should begin 🙂

1. If you’ve already decided to teach in Korea, and you’re ready to begin, simply head over to our Online Application Form and enter your information. One of our friendly coordinators will review your details and reach out to you shortly afterwards.

2. Still on the fence? If you’re stuck in ‘I’m thinking about doing it’ mode then we recommend browsing through our site. We have an abundance of information that’s specific to living and teaching English in South Korea. We included some links to a few important pages below the video. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, we’re happy to help.


Video – Applying to Arriving!


How To Begin



  1. teaching english in south korea

    Make sure you qualify

    First you need to make sure you qualify – native English speaker, bachelors degree in any field, valid passport, etc. Refer to our Eligibility page for details.

  2. english teaching job in south korea

    Double check document requirements

    Make sure you can acquire the paperwork that Korean Immigration needs for visa purposes. FYI: You don’t need the documents in your possession to apply and pursue jobs, you can acquire them later on. Visit our Document Requirements page for details.

  3. english teacher vacancy in south korea

    Decide on a starting date

    Decide on an appropriate starting date. More jobs are available during specific times of year so we recommend entering your earliest date of availability on the application form. Applying 3-5 months in advance is recommended.

  4. jobs in south korea for english teachers

    Submit your application

    Remember to attach your resume and include one or two recent photos – Korean employers require photos from candidates. Please include a job ID number if you’re applying to a specific position on our job board.

  5. teacher jobs in south korea

    Contact from a Gone2Korea coordinator

    Successful applicants can expect an introduction email from one of our super friendly coordinators.

  6. jobs korea

    Review jobs and conduct interviews

    Your Gone2Korea coordinator will guide you through the remaining steps of the process including; interviews with schools, contract signing, work visa, your flight to Korea and all of your questions throughout each step 🙂

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