Gyeongbuk Province

Gyeongbuk-Do South Korea

Also known as North Gyeongsang Province

Chungbuk Province

Gyeongbuk is home to 2.75 million people and is the largest region in the country containing 10 cities and 13 counties. The province is surrounded by mountainous terrain and the climate ranges greatly from extreme winters to hot summers. The East coast stays warm with little climate change during the year whereas the inland gets very hot and receives little rain. The province is home to 20% of Korea’s cultural assets and is viewed as the national leader of modernization. The province is home to 38 universities and a large number of western expats. Their provincial tree is the Zelcova chosen for its long life and strong vitality. The provincial bird is the Heron which is thought to bring good luck and wealth.


Chungcheongbukdo Symbol


Major Cities in Gyeongbuk Province

City Symbol Population Brief Description
AndongAndong Symbol184, 000-Recognized for its culture and folk traditions. Andong International Maskdance Festival
GimcheonGimcheon Symbol150, 000-Located between major transportation routes directed towards Seoul and Busan – Recognized for its history and scenic beauty
GumiGumi Symbol380, 000-Central location providing easy access to major cities, beaches and tourist areas – Known as the silicon valley of South Korea – Home to Gumosan Provincial Park – Has developed rapidly over the decades.
GyeongjuGyeongju Symbol280, 000-Very famous tourist destination in Korea – Rich history and home to numerous festivals and attractions
GyeongsanGyeongsan Symbol221, 000-Large portion of the city resides within the Metropolitan area of Daegu – Beautiful mountains throughout the region
MungyeongMungyeon City Flag Symbol85, 000-Famous for its tourist attractions and numerous historic areas – City name means “To hear good news”
PohangPohang Symbol520, 000-Coastal city recognized for its beautiful beaches and tourist attractions – Has a developed downtown district and large port area
SangjuSanju Symbol120, 000-Renowned for its agricultural farm lands – Has the highest percentage of farming residents in the country – Offers a rural feeling despite the size of its population
YeongcheonYeongcheon Symbol116, 000-Transportation hub of the area – Offers access to major highways, bus routes and Jungang and Daegu train lines
YeongjuYeongju Symbol200, 000-Known for a famous Buseoksa Temple and its panaramic mountain views

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