Gyeongnam Province

Gyeongnam-Do South Korea

Also known as South Gyeongsang Province

Chungcheongbuk Do Province

Gyeongnam is home to roughly 3.5 million people. Busan and Ulsan, two of Korea’s most populated cities can be found along the provinces coastline. The province is also made up with many great coastal cities and smaller towns. The provincial bird is the White Heron. 2 of the 7 White Heron habitats are located in Gyeongnam Do province. There is a multitude of things to see and do in Gyeongnam Do including the famous Gyeongnam Art Museum and Goseong Dinosaur World Expo.

GyeongsangnamDo Symbol


Major Cities in Gyeongnam Province

City Symbol Population Brief Description
ChangwonChangwon Slogan1,200,000-Recognized as the only ‘planned’ city in Korea – Famous for its beautiful parks and gardens – Progressive area.
GeojeGeoje Symbol187, 000-Island city off the coast of Busan, known for tourism and famous for Camellia vegetation throughout surrounding islands
GimhaeGimhae Symbol443, 000-Home of the Gaya International Film Festival – Origin of the Kimhae Kim Clan, also known as Kimhae – Beautiful natural scenery and developed city center
JinjuJinju Symbol342, 000-Historically significant city, considered a hub city of this region It has developed into a more modern city in recent years
MiryangMiryang Symbol117, 000-Known for it’s grand festivals which include the Miryang Arirang Grand Festival and Miryang Summer Performance and Arts Festival
SacheonSacheon Symbol118, 000-Home to Korea Aerospace Industries – Known for its gorgeous natural scenery, beaches and numerous local islands
TongyeongTongyeong Symbol140, 000-Known for its steep but beautiful cliffs which line the coastal and beach areas – Offers great views of the ocean but can be a very touristy area during the summer months

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