Gyeongnam Province

Gyeongnam-Do South Korea

Also known as South Gyeongsang Province

Gyeongnam is home to roughly 3.5 million people. Busan and Ulsan, two of Korea’s most populated cities can be found along the provinces coastline. The province also boasts a number of other coastal cities which include Changwon and Sacheon. The provincial bird is the White Heron; two of the seven White Heron habitats are located in South Gyeongsang Province. There’s a multitude of things to see and do in Gyeongnam-do, including the famous Gyeongnam Art Museum, Goseong Dinosaur World Expo and the Haeinsa Temple which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Major Cities in Gyeongnam Province


Population: 1,107,000

The first ‘planned’ city in Korea, famous for its beautiful parks and gardens. Progressive government.

Changwon Wiki


Population: 532,000

Home of the Gaya International Film Festival and origin of the Kimhae Kim Clan. Tourist hotspot.

Gimhae Wiki


Population: 342,000

Historically significant city. Home to Jinju Castle and the world famous Namgang Lantern Festival.

Jinju Wiki


Population: 275,000

A satellite city of Busan. Connected to the Busan metropolitan area by subway line 2.

Yangsan Wiki


Population: 246,000

A historically important island city off the coast of Busan. Lots of tourism and famous for Camellia vegetation.

Geoje Wiki


Population: 144,000

Another coastal city known for its steep beautiful cliffs. Amazing ocean view and numerous beach areas.

Tongyeong Wiki


Population: 119,000

Dating back to the Mumun Pottery Period, this area’s been inhabited since 700 BC. Home of megalithic cemetery.

Sacheon Wiki


Population: 110,000

A short drive from central Busan, Miryang is small tourist town surrounded by rice fields & livestock farms.

Miryang Wiki

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