How Canadians Authenticate Diplomas & Criminal Record Checks For Teaching in Korea

How Canadians Authenticate Diplomas & Criminal Record Checks For Teaching in Korea


Unlike the other nationalities (Americans, Brits, Aussies, etc.) who need to have their documents authenticated with an Apostille, Canada was not a signatory of the Apostille treaty so the process for Canadians is a little different. Alternatively, Canadians need to have their original criminal record check, and notarized copy of diploma, authenticated by one of the Korean Consulates with a verification stamp. FYI: The consulate will authenticate both documents ‘on the spot’ if you visit in person.


How do I authenticate my university diploma and RCMP criminal record check?


STEP 1: First bring your original university diploma to a notary public or, lawyer with a notary license, and ask them to make a notarized copy. The notary will make a photocopy of your original diploma then sign and stamp the photocopied version – you now have a notarized copy of your diploma. Appointments typically aren’t necessary, you can get a notarization on the spot with most notaries.


STEP 2: Bring, or mail, the notarized copy of your diploma and your original RCMP check (RCMP check doesn’t need a notarization like your diploma does) to the Korean Consulate in your jurisdiction and secure the Korean Consulate Verification Stamps.


Find the Korean Consulate in your jurisdiction: Korean Consulate Directory


IMPORTANT: The Korean Consulates in Canada have minor variations in their policies for authenticating documents. Make sure to speak with a representative from the consulate you plan on using before submitting your copy of diploma and RCMP check to request the Verification Stamps.


DOCUMENT VERIFICATION FEE: Korean Consulates will only accept cash or money orders; money orders must be made out to ‘Korean Consulate General’ (fees vary between consulates). A pre-paid return address envelope (you will need to use Canada Post X-press) will also be required if you want them to return the documents via mail. FYI: Delivering the documents in person is the fastest method because they can usually verify your documents on the spot.