Jeju Province

Jeju-Do South Korea

Chungcheongbuk Do Province

Jeju Do is categorized as a sub-tropic volcanic island off the Southern tip of the South Korean Mainland. The average temperature of Jeju is 11.7 degrees Celcius for the year. Jeju receives a large amount of precipitation for its latitude due to mount Hallasan, at the center of the island, which blocks air masses that move in from the coastal areas. Jeju has a history and legend that revolves around the number 3. Three many’s, three lacks and three treasures. Jeju is known for its Eco Tourism and is home to breath taking coastlines, caves, forests, waterfalls and informative heritage tours to name a few. Although Jeju is an attractive and beautiful place to visit, it does get very busy and congested during peak season and transportation to and from the mainland can be frustrating at times.


JejuDo Symbol


Major Cities in Jeju Province

City Symbol Population Brief Description
Jeju CityJeju City Symbol360, 000– Capital of Jeju Province
– Famous for national and international tourism
– Self proclaimed ‘Hawaii of Korea’ with gorgeous ocean views
SeogwipoSeogwipo Symbol98, 000– Coastal city famous for tourism and beautiful ocean views

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