Jeollabuk Province


Jelloabuk-Do South Korea

Also known as North Jeolla Province and Jeonbuk

Jeollabuk-Do, Jeonbuk for short, has a total population that hovers around the 2 million mark with about 11,000 foreigners living and working within the province’s cities. The western part of the province is on the coast and the East side of the province sits amongst the mountainous ranges of Sobaek, the Noryung Mountains and the Jinan basin. There are 105 islands off the mainland of Jeonbuk, 80 of which are inhabited. The province is known for its abundance of merchants who sell jewelry, ceramics, woodenware and bamboo fans. Their provincial flower is the Crape Myrtel because of its continuous bloom and perseverance in drought. The province is home to the Jeonbuk FC football club, the first club in East Asia to win the AFC Champions League.

Major Cities in Jeonbuk Province


Population: 655,000

Capital city of North Jeolla Province. A large number of historic buildings, famous for traditional cooking and food festivals.

Jeonju Wiki


Population: 306,000

The so called ‘City of Jewelry’ is known for numerous festivals, ‘Paradise in Autumn Festival’ being the most notable.

Iksan Wiki


Population: 277,000

Situated on the Yellow Sea, Gunsan is hotspot for high-tech industrial manufacturing. They also have a busy international seaport. 

Gunsan Wiki


Population: 109,000

Famous for its beautiful scenery during the Autumn months and nearby Naejang-San National Park. Home to Naejangsa Temple.

Jeoneup Wiki


Population: 87,000

Located on the ‘great plains’ of Korea, Gimje’s farmland and rice fields date back to ancient times.  

Gimje Wiki


Population: 83,000

Jeonbuk’s ‘City of Love’ is home to the oldest known festival in South Korea, the Chunhyang Festival.

Namwon Wiki

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