Jeollanam Province

Jeollanam-Do South Korea

Also known as South Jeolla Province

Chungcheongbuk Do Province

Jeollanam Do has an impressive coastline of around 6100 kilometers and is home to just under 2 million people populating it’s 5 cities and 17 counties. The provincial tree is the Gingko Biloba and they are often seen in household gardens. The province is home to many tourist hot spots which include temples, breathtaking coastlines and a wide variety of festivals such as the Gangjin Caledon Pottery Festival, or the Hampyeong Butterfly Festival to name a few.


JeollanamDo Symbol


Major Cities in Jeollanam Province

City Symbol Population Brief Description
GwangyangGwangyang Symbol138, 000-Known for numerous natural and cultural sites – Home to a number of famous festivals held throughout the year
MokpoMokpo Symbol242, 000-Coastal city with beautiful natural surroundings – Mokpo City Tourism – Provides easy access to South West Korean islands
NajuNaju Symbol114, 000-Widely known for its local fruit the Nashi Pear, also known as the Korean Pear
SuncheonSuncheon Symbol270, 900-Coastal City dubbed by its city council as “The city of beautiful people” – Known for Suncheon Bay and the many tourist attractions and temples – Home to Naganeupseong Folk Village
YeosuYeosu Symbol310, 000-Home to Yeosu peninsula and 317 islands. Yeosu has a beautiful harbor and was host to the 2012 world Expo

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