Job Guarantees

Recieving Job Offers From Gone2Korea


There have been some dramatic changes in the Korean ESL job market over the past few years. In the past the Korean ESL industry was a teachers market, meaning, there were an abundance of opportunities and a limited number of eligible people applying. Today the market is much different and many schools now have the luxury of reviewing numerous applicants for every available position, meaning, current market conditions lean in favor of the schools (in most instances).

We obviously do our best to accommodate as many applicants as possible but our ability to coordinate job placements essentially depends on three changing variables.

– The number of job vacancies that are available each year
– The number of applications we receive (applicant to job ratio)
– The current hiring preferences of the school and programs we represent

Ultimately being eligible for jobs and work visas is different than receiving job offers from Korean employers. Recruiters are responsible for introducing applicants to schools but we’re not employers and as such we have no control over the candidate approval process. The truth is many Korean schools have specific preferences when it comes to the types of teachers they’re willing to employ. Hiring preferences vary between employers but it’s fair to say that all schools have specific preferences in one form or the other. Some schools will only consider certain nationalities, some schools will only consider female teachers, some schools will only consider teachers who are under a certain age and some schools will hire anyone as long as they like the person’s personality.

Please Note: School preferences are not a reflection of Gone2Korea policies – again, we’re recruiters not employers. As recruiters we charge schools the same recruitment fee regardless of age, gender, nationality, etc.

Like most things in life, timing is critical and securing employment in a foreign country is no different. There are certain times of the year when more jobs are available. It’s during these peak hiring periods that people will have the greatest chance of placement. Please visit our When to Apply page for more details.