Lady Winchester and the Documentary

Lady Winchester and the Documentary

Film premiere of Lady Winchester and the Documentary.  At Buy the Book Cafe in Daegu, Saturday June 15th – 8pm.

Lady Winchester - Daegu

This film is a documentary about seven foreigners in Korea, all English Teachers, who form a rock band and gain moderate success.  Despite the constant awareness of an end-date for the band, predetermined  by school contracts, the band members develop deep and unexpected friendships.  Torn by the inevitability of leaving, the band members never stop giving their all and enjoying every moment.

This film shares an often unexplored aspect of teaching abroad in a uniquely intimate manner, with a universal theme of finding happiness by committing to a moment.  Having collected this film while teaching abroad, documentarians Sarah Huenecke and Lethan Candlish present an emotional sincerity through their work.

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