Lesson plans for intermediate & advanced students

Lesson plans for intermediate & advanced students


So you’ve decided to teach English in Korea?


Well, let me begin by saying… great choice! South Korea is a fantastic place to spread your wings as an English teacher. Whether you’re a veteran of the industry or a novice, this country is one of the most sought destinations for teaching gigs. I hope you squeeze this opportunity abroad for every drop of fun.


Classroom Ideas


To make your time here a bit easier, I made some teaching resources for you. But before I dive into those, I suppose I should start with an introduction.


Hi. I’m Steve. I’ve been an English Teacher in Korea for 4 years. I came here after I graduated from the University of Missouri in 2011. I had always wanted to teach and travel abroad. Funny enough, becoming an ESL instructor in South Korea allowed me to do both!


I fell in love with the country when I first arrived… but I didn’t think that my school had prepared me with enough resources to teach. You might have noticed that, too. Many of us ESL teacher flock to the internet in search of lessons, games, and worksheets. Although, even those web sources couldn’t match my expectations. So I made my own.


My partner and I created Hal & Steve English. It’s a website that publishes English Conversation Lessons (for free… which is always great news!). They’re just for conversation. No grammar. No writing. Just Conversation.


We’ve made them with adults in mind, but they’re great for high level children learners as well (a lesson or two per semester deal with mature topics, though). These would be great resources for you to use at school or for any of your part time jobs.


I’ve made a bundle of lessons below, 2 from our Intermediate series and 2 from our Advanced series. Check them out. If you ever need help, have questions, or just want to shoot the breeze, you can e-mail me at Steve@HalAndSteveEnglish.com


Intermediate Series Lesson Plan – Cooking At Home

Intermediate Series Lesson Plan – Blind Dates


Advanced Series Lesson Plan – Guns & Culture in America

Advanced Series Lesson Plan – After Work


Good luck at your new school! And I hope you have a blast here in Korea.