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When students are learning a new language, repetition is one of the key ingredients for success. Many teachers across the world suggest the use of printable worksheets for student independent practice. A recent University of California study found that the use of worksheets for repetition actual improve student retention and growth. The study also found that spending 5 minutes a day for each year of your age was the appropriate amount of independent practice a student should be focused on daily. Worksheets provide a great means to achieve repetitive practice outside of the classroom.

English Worksheets Land

English Language Arts worksheets are often costly for teachers and very random in the development of skills. A new website English Worksheets Land (englishworksheetsland.com) hopes to be a huge support system for students and teachers alike. English Worksheets Land was founded less than a year ago by seventeen seasoned teachers of English. The goal is simple! Create a huge free library of English language printables for school aged students and teachers. The work isn’t just randomly scattered into topics, you will find a complete spiral and building curriculum for kindergarteners (age 5) to Grade 6 (age 12). If you really just want the work by topics, that is available too.

English Worksheets Land has recently announced that three English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers have come aboard to help add practical work for students across the world. ESL materials are in fact the focus of the writers at the moment. You can expect to find simple conversational worksheets to Business English to full-on speech writing in the near future.

As you view the English Worksheets Land website you will quickly realize that the materials are focused for ages 5 to 12. Work specifically developed for teenagers will be released soon. The work was designed to be spiral in nature. As you progress from level to level you will revisit materials and build upon them. This form of returned learning has been seen to be one of the most effective methods for continued academic success.

Worksheets For Little Ones or Teenagers

As you peek through the library of printable English worksheets you will notice that all of the work is in Adobe Acrobat Reader format. This makes it easy to read on just about any desktop or tablet computer anywhere in the world. Most of the work is in Black and White color to provide you with a piece of paper that can easily be copied on a photocopier. Many of the listening worksheets come in full color to help individual learners.

English Worksheets Land intends to release all their work in Open Office Word Processing format shortly. The main challenge is download speed. They are currently working on a way to perform the best download speeds possible.

Whether you are looking for some English practice for your little ones or teenagers, this is definitely a place you will want to check out. With over 6,000 free worksheets for the English Language Arts, it will definitely be time well spent.

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English Worksheets Land – https://englishworksheetsland.com/

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