"Miso" – Chongdong Theater

"Miso" – Chongdong Theater

Miso - Chongdong Theater

Miso – Chongdong Theater

Miso runs all year from January 1, 2009 until December 31, 2009.

The stage at Chongdong Theater was made specifically to showcase Korean performing arts. You can see such things like: Samulnori – traditional Korean percussion quartet, Buchaechum – Korean traditional fan dance, and Pansori – traditional Korean narrative song. During the performance guests can view subtitled narrative on a screen in English.

Selected audience members are encouraged join the stage with the performers to participate in Beona – a stunt where a large circular disc or plate is spun on top of a stick or tobacco pipe.

For more details and information visit the Chongdong Theater Homepage

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