Living & Working in Changwon

A quick overview

Changwon is another very under-rated Korean city that is completely unknown to most westerners. Changwon is located on the southern coast of Korea just west of Busan. It’s the only ‘planned city’ in the country and utilizes a grid style infrastructure which makes transportation more efficient than other cities of comparable size.

Changwon is also one of the wealthiest mid-size cities in Korea and has one of the largest foreign communities (per capita) in the country. Many streets are lined with trees and park areas are plentiful, which is uncommon for Korean city standards

The city has just amalgamated with two if its neighbors Masan and Jinhae to make it’s new total population close to 1.2 million people. The metropolitan city boasts a number of busy entertainment districts and lots of interesting outdoor activities.

Due to its southern coastal location Changwon residents get to enjoy very mild temperatures in the winter and beautiful weather in the spring, summer and fall.


Changwon City Symbol

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Cost Of Living in ChangwonLiving expenses in Changwon are on par (average) with living costs in other parts of the country.
Foreigners in ChangwonChangwon has one of the largest foreign communities in the country for its size and population. Changwon is a wealthy city and due to this factor there are lots of private English schools employing many western teachers. Additionally, Changwon is known for having a very tight nit foreign community. Many of the westerners in Changwon know each other and making friends as a newbie to Changwon is quite easy.
Transportation in ChangwonChangwon does not have a subway system, however, the city is the only ‘planned city’ in the country and bus routes, trains and taxis are very efficient. Changwon is the only city in Korea to use a grid system which makes traveling within the city more efficient than other cities of similar size.
Changwon EntertainmentChangwon has lots of entertainment options including; movie theatres, fancy sports complexes, lots of cafes and restaurants, karaoke rooms and numerous festivals and events throughout the year.
Shopping in ChangwonChangwon has an abundance of department stores, outdoor markets and shops for teachers to shop at; however, finding trendy retail stores usually requires a trip to one of the major city centers such as Busan, Daegu or Seoul.
Nightlife in ChangwonChangwon is quite famous for it’s adult entertainment districts. There are 2 primary entertainment areas in Changwon which are host to countless bars, karaoke rooms and Korean nightclubs. They’re also a few western bars in Changwon which are quite popular with English teachers in the city. A quick bus ride (40 – 50 minutes) to Busan is needed for those who are interested in western style dance clubs.
Changwon LandscapeChangwon has lots of options for teachers who are interested in nature. There are plenty of nearby mountains with excellent hiking trails, many urban parks with beautiful landscaping and lots of nearby beaches to use during the summer months. Ferry rides to Goje Island are also easily accessible. Changwon is the only city in Korea where you can expect to see an abundance or trees and park areas in the downtown area.
Noise in ChangwonNoise in Changwon will vary depending on where you live. The city center is quite noisy from the early morning until midnight, although areas just outside of the city core tend to be more peaceful and offer a more relaxed atmosphere.
Pollution in ChangwonChangwon is a very clean city. Many of the streets and parks are relatively new and the city does well at picking up litter and trash. Air quality in Changwon is also decent due to the winds coming off the ocean and bringing fresh air into the city.