Living & Working in Daegu

A quick overview

Daegu could possibly be the most under-rated city in the country. Daegu is located in the South central region of Korea and is famous for being the self-proclaimed fashion capital, home to pro baseball and the friendliest big city in the country.

The geographical location of Daegu makes it a prime spot for weekend adventures. The newly completed high speed train (KTX) goes directly through the city and weekend trips to Seoul, Busan and other interesting area’s are very simple and time constraints are limited.

Daegu is a big metropolitan city with a smaller and more welcoming feel to it.


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Cost Of Living in DaeguAlthough daily living costs and expenses are noticeably lower than Seoul, Daegu is still slightly more expensive than Korea’s smaller citiies.
Foreigners in DaeguThere are lots of western teachers and foreign engineers living in Daegu. Daegu is the big city with a small city feel and many westerners are very friendly and open to meeting new teachers to the city. Unlike some of the major cities in Korea, Daegu is extremely friendly and has a very welcoming feel to it.
Transportation in DaeguDaegu has excellent transportation. In addition to the Daegu subway system and excellent bus routes the KTX high speed train also goes directly through Daegu. Taking the high speed train north into Seoul (under 2 hours), or South into Busan (less than 50 minutes) is extremely easy.
Daegu EntertainmentThere are many entertainment options available and things for western teachers to do in Daegu . The city is well known for its trendy entertainment districts, professional sports teams, nearby ski resorts, and countless nori-bongs (karaoke rooms), museums, theatres, cafes, restaurants, bars and numerous festivals throughout the year. Daegu Tourist Information
Shopping in DaeguDaegu is the self pro-claimed fashion capital of Korea. There are lots of fashionable areas with hundreds of trendy shops and boutique style stores in the downtown area. Daegu is also flooded with high-tech stores and outdoor markets selling everything from cheap electronics and clothing to fresh produce and seafood. Seomun Market Daegu
Nightlife in DaeguNightlife in Daegu is extremely vibrant and the entertainment districts are filled with young people 7 days a week. There are a number of western style dance clubs that play techno, house and hip-hop as well as countless Korean nightclubs that play Korean dance/pop music.
Daegu LandscapeDaegu is surrounded by large mountains and a number of small lakes and rivers. Although Daegu is a large metropolitan city, leaving the downtown core to go hiking on one of the near by mountains, or relaxing at one of the many park or river areas is quite feasible. There is over 125 parks and gardens in Daegu for visitors to enjoy.
Noise in DaeguTeachers living downtown have no choice but to accept the high levels of noise. Like other metro cities in Korea constant noise is a reality and Daegu is no exception.
Pollution in DaeguLike every large city in Korea, air quality during the warmer summer months is noticeably reduced. As for cleanliness, Daegu is cleaner than Seoul but on par with the other large urban areas in the country. Note: Daegu is known for being one of the hotter cities in the country.