Located just west of Seoul on the Yellow Sea, also referred to as the East China Sea, Incheon is Korea’s third largest city. On a map Incheon and Seoul appear to be connected, however, both cities have different jurisdictions with local governments that work independently.

Living and Working Incheon

A Quick Look

Over the past decade or so, the city of Incheon has experienced unprecedented growth. Incheon is now home to the world’s largest international airport and free economic zone which continues to drive its ever expanding infrastructure. High rise apartments are going up by the dozens and new proposals for skyscrapers are the norm.

The city offers a great alternative for those who want to live and work in a big city, but don’t want the constant grind and congestion of a mega-city like Seoul. Regardless, a quick 30 – 60 minute bus ride or subway trip brings you right into downtown Seoul; time constraints obviously depend on where you’re departing from and where you plan on going.

Cost of living in Incheon

Common living expenses in Incheon are lower than Seoul, although more expensive than other major Korean cities.

Foreigners in Incheon

There are lots of English teachers living in Incheon. Incheon is one of Korea’s largest and wealthiest cities and there are countless private and public schools employing hundreds of western teachers.

Transportation in Incheon

When taking the Incheon international airport into consideration, Incheon has the best (debatable) transportation options in the country. Incheon has a subway line that goes directly into downtown Seoul, a vast bus network and one of the largest and best international airports in the world.

Incheon Entertainment

There is an abundance of tourist attractions in Incheon for western teachers to enjoy. Professional sports teams, theatres, museums, boat cruises, restaurants, cafes and music rooms are all available to tourists and residents alike.

Shopping in Incheon

Incheon is not well known for its shopping areas, however, Seoul is right next door and a quick subway ride brings you to many of the trendiest shopping hotspots in the country.

Incheon Nightlife

Although there are lots of bars and Korean nightclubs in Incheon, the city doesn’t have an abundance of western style nightlife. Teachers living in Incheon usually hop over to Seoul for western style dance clubs and nightclubs.

Incheon Landscapes

Incheon has some impressive landscapes. There are a number of small islands off the city's coast with decent beaches, trails and touristy stuff to engage in. Plus it's easy to access the nearby mountains. Daily ferry rides to and from multiple island destinations are affordable and reliable.

Pollution in Incheon

Although air quality and pollutions levels in Incheon are noticeable in the summer months, Incheon is blessed with constant winds coming off the East China Sea which tends to cycle the air. The streets and public areas are noticeably cleaner than Seoul.

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