Living & Working in Seoul

A quick overview

Seoul is the capital city of South Korea. With more than 11 million residents in the downtown area, and a whopping 24+ million people in the metropolitan region (a.k.a. Seoul Capital Area), Seoul is one of the world’s largest mega cities. In perspective, roughly half of the Korean population lives within the Seoul Metropolitan area. The actual land mass has been inhabited with a substantial population since 18 B.C. (over 2000 years!) and to this day it remains the economic, cultural and political center of the country.

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Cost Of Living in SeoulSeoul has the country’s highest cost of living. Day to day living expenses in Seoul are marginally higher than the other major cities in Korea.
Foreigners in SeoulSeoul is home to a large population of western expats. Many Western English teachers, Western engineers, American military personnel, etc. live and work in Seoul.
Transportation in SeoulSeoul has a world class public transportation system. An elaborate subway network accompanied by countless bus routes, high speed trains, light rail and taxis keep the city mobile on a day to day basis.

Seoul EntertainmentSeoul has an abundance of entertainment options for westerners to enjoy. Great restaurants, a thriving arts sector, professional sports teams, theatres, museums, boat cruises, restaurants, cafes and music rooms are just some of the exciting entertainment options that Seoul has to offer.
Shopping in SeoulSeoul is quite famous for its shopping areas. The city is home to an abundance of high end retail shops, massive department stores, indoor and outdoor markets, street vendors, warehouse outlets and more.
Nightlife in SeoulSeoul has a number of popular entertainment area’s that remain busy all week long. These area’s (Hongdae, Ittaewon, Jamsil and Apgujeong specifically) are home to an endless array of nightclubs, karaoke rooms, whiskey bars, soju tents, etc.
Seoul LandscapeSeoul is a concrete jungle in every sense of the term. Although there are a number of small mountains dotting the Seoul landscape the large majority of Seoul can be described as a massive concrete metropolis that expands for miles in every direction.
Noise in SeoulSeoul can be a very noisy place to live. People are constantly on the streets and police sirens, ambulances, fire trucks, etc. can be heard on a 24 hour basis.
Pollution in SeoulSeoul has the highest pollution levels in the country. Due to the sheer size and density of the city air quality and pollution levels are quite noticeable, especially during the hot summer months.