Living & Working in Ulsan

A quick overview

Ulsan is Korea’s 7th largest metropolitan city with a current population of 1.1 million people. The city is located in the southeast corner of the Korean peninsula, right next to Busan, on the East Sea (also known as the Sea of Japan). Due to its southern coastal location Ulsan residents get to enjoy mild winters and beautiful weather in the spring, summer and fall.

Traditionally Ulsan has been recognized as an industrial port city with numerous influential industries including the auto sector and ship building – The world’s largest cargo ship manufacturers are located in Ulsan. Although part of the city is home to large industrial facilities the city has created a green belt which divides the metropolitan core, industrial spaces and agricultural areas.

More recently Ulsan has made major steps to modernize its image as a cultural city and country wide tourist destination; most notably for Gangdong Seashore, a large beach lined with smooth black ball shaped pebbles.


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Cost Of Living in UlsanLiving in Ulsan is moderately cheaper than some of Korea’s other metropolitan cities.
Foreigners in UlsanUlsan has a dynamic foreign community for its size and is home to countless foreigners, including; western English teachers, engineers, consultants and general laborers.
Transportation in UlsanUlsan has a number of highly developed transportation systems. They currently have an elaborate bus network, countless taxis, train routes to every major destination in Korea and a national airport which provides cheap flights into Incheon and Jeju. They are currently building a light-rail system as well which is set for completion in the near future.
Ulsan EntertainmentUlsan is a metropolitan city with lots of entertainment options including; professional sports teams, movie theatres, modern sports complexes, lots of cafes and restaurants, karaoke rooms and numerous festivals and events throughout the year.
Shopping in UlsanLike all major urban areas in Korea Ulsan is filled with numerous markets, department stores and retail chains.
Nightlife in UlsanThere are a number of options available for westerners in Ulsan who are eager to engage in the local nightlife. Ulsan has a relatively large entertainment district in the heart of the downtown core. This area has lots of Korean nightclubs and a countless number of bars.
Ulsan LandscapeUlsan is a coastal city with lots of nature options available. Although the Gulf of Ulsan is typically filled with fishing and cargo vessels, there are a number of decent beaches within reach that many people make use of during the warmer spring and summer months. The Taehwa river also flows through the city and houses a number of pleasant park areas, including Ulsan Grand Park. Lastly, Ulsan is right next door to the Deungeok hot springs and Mount Kajisan Nation Park which provides excellent hiking, mountain biking and camping opportunities.
Noise in UlsanThe city center tends to be quiet noisy; however, many areas outside of the core are relatively quite during the evening and at night.
Pollution in UlsanUlsan is noticeably cleaner than many districts found within Seoul although overall it’s comparable to the other metropolitan cities in the country.