ASAP Teaching Jobs


Interested in starting a teaching job as soon as possible?


There are lots of reasons why schools require new teachers as soon as possible. Student enrollment suddenly went up and additional staff is needed, a current teacher quits unexpectedly, a candidate backs out shortly before the contract date begins, the school was too busy to hire earlier, etc.

We do not post ASAP jobs in our site; simply because these positions come and go rather fast. If you’re interested in pursuing an ASAP job then just complete our online application form and enter today or tomorrow’s date as your earliest date of availability. Your application will automatically be logged as an ASAP candidate.

Note: The large majority of ASAP opportunities are found in the private school sector (hagwons). This is typically because private schools employ many western staff and jobs in this sector open up year round.

Note: ASAP jobs still have a 3-5 week visa processing timeline with the Immigration office and consulate; assuming you’re applying from your home country. Candidates who are already residing in Korea can usually have the process expedited with a visa run through Japan.