Busan – Public School Jobs


Teach for the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education – BMOE


First Come First Served Policy: Public school jobs with the Busan Office of Education are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

TEFL Certification is Mandatory: In order to qualify for public school jobs in Busan you will need to be TEFL /TESOL certified (120 hours minimum).  Exception: TEFL is not mandatory for candidates who hold a valid teaching license or PGCE, or people who graduated with an education major. 

IMPORTANT: The Busan MOE has different TEFL certification policies than the other education offices in Korea. To qualify for Busan candidates must have a TEFL certification that includes a 50hr teaching practice (classroom) component. 

If you’re not eligible with your current credentials then getting TEFL certified will qualify you. 


Basic Job Info

  • Start Date: February 2019 [No longer processing applications]
  • Start Date: August 2019 [OPEN]
  • Work Days: M-F
  • Salary: 2.0 – 2.6 million KRW
  • Severance: Equal to 1 month salary
  • Airfare: Entrance and exit allowance
  • Housing: Single apartment


Job Details
All Busan MOE positions go through the EPIK office. Click below to see the complete job description, list of benefits, working conditions and official pay scale.