Daegu – Public School Jobs


Teach for the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education – Daegu MOE


First Come First Served Policy: Public school jobs with the Daegu Office of Education are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

TEFL Certification is Mandatory: In order to qualify for public school jobs in Daegu you will need to be TEFL /TESOL certified (120 hours minimum).

Exception: TEFL is not mandatory for candidates who hold a valid teaching license or PGCE, or people who graduated with an education major.

If you’re not eligible with your current credentials then getting TEFL certified will automatically qualify you. Just make sure the course you choose is accredited and consists of 120 course hours at the very minimum.  Online only courses are accepted but EPIK has stated they prefer candidates who have a TEFL certification that includes 20 hours of teaching practice.


  All 120+ hour courses on this site are accepted by EPIK ~ guaranteed.

Basic Job Info

  • Start Date: February 2019 [No longer processing applications]
  • Start Date: August 2019 [OPEN]
  • Work Days: M-F
  • Salary: 2.0 – 2.6 million KRW
  • Severance: Equal to 1 month salary
  • Airfare: Entrance and exit allowance
  • Housing: Single apartment


Job Details
All Daegu MOE positions go through the EPIK office. Click below to see the complete job description, list of benefits, working conditions and official pay scale.