Seoul’s Must See Lantern Festival About to Begin

Seoul’s Must See Lantern Festival About to Begin

Seoul’s annual Lantern Festival is about to kick things off at Cheonggyecheon Stream.

The Lantern Festival is one of Seoul’s flagship events that will showcase more than 200,000 hand-made paper lanterns from international and local artisans.  This year’s theme “Seoul’s Roots, the Lifestyles of our Ancestors” will focus on the cities ancient 2000 year history and heritage.

The festival begins on Saturday November 2nd and runs for 17 days straight, finishing up November 18th.  To kick start the festivities Seoul will host a lighting ceremony on the 2nd that will feature a number of different events including a ‘wish’ lantern making area where locals and tourists alike can craft their own lanterns that turn wishes into reality (or so they say!).

3 Reasons to Attend the Seoul Lantern Festival

1.  A cultural learning opportunity.  It’s an amazing way to see one of Asia’s most prominent art forms.  Paper Lanterns have played an important role in the Asian arts scene for thousands of years and what better way to experience it in a mega city like Seoul!

2.  Learn from the professionals.  Although you probably won’t find a career in the lantern making industry it’s always fun to learn about the arts.  You can take part in one of the lantern making events and learn how to craft your own lanterns and sit back and watch the professionals.  Maybe you can surprise your family and friends back home with a giant paper lantern Christmas tree next year!

3.  Fun!  There’s obviously more to the Lantern Festival then paper and lights.  Food booths, bars and restaurants, local shops, artistic displays and much more will be buzzing with activity.  If you like having fun then the Seoul Lantern Festival is sure to deliver!

Festival Details

When:  November 2nd through November 18th

Where:  Jung-gu District in Downtown Seoul.  Festivities are setup in and along Cheonggyecheon Stream from Cheonggye Plaza all the way to Seungyo Bridge

Time:  Lanterns are lit up daily between 5pm and 11pm KST

Price:  Free – no tickets required

Events Schedule:  Visit the official website for details –

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