Should teachers purchase travel insurance when vacationing from Korea?


To Insure or Not To Insure

It’s the holiday season and that means most western teachers in Korea are about to have their winter holiday. During the holiday break many teachers leave Korea to go on vacation in exotic destinations such as Thailand, the Philippines, and Hong Kong, just to name a few. Many teachers fail to purchase travel insurance during this period for any number of reasons; they forgot, they’re on a budget and don’t want to increase the cost of their trip, ran out of time, didn’t know where to find a proper insurance policy, etc.

Here are a few 'worst-case' scenarios to consider before vacationing from Korea

  1. That expensive flight you purchased was cancelled for an unknown reason
  2. That low cost airline to Thailand somehow lost your luggage.
  3. You return from a fun night out in Manila only to find out that your hotel room was broken into and all of your personal belongings were stolen.
  4. You somehow managed to lose your passport during that hiking trek in the Cambodian jungle.
  5. You decide to rent a motorbike to tour around that beautiful island you’re staying on and wind up in an accident that requires a medical evacuation.
  6. A few days before your departure date you catch a nasty flu and need to cancel your trip.
  7. That budget airline you used to purchase your non-fundable ticket went bankrupt so you require an ASAP alternative flight to your destination.
  8. Days before you depart a tropical storm rips through that beautiful resort you booked with and can no longer accommodate your stay until the repairs are completed
  9. And last but not least, you wind up with an unexpected medical emergency. You get stung by a jelly fish, get knocked out by a falling coconut, step on a sea urchin, or contract a tropical virus.

Where To Get International Travel Insurance

There are many companies and institutions that sell reputable travel insurance; your bank, credit card company, local travel agent, family insurance provider and countless private companies have different insurance packages available. Before you purchase a travel insurance policy make sure it suits your travel plans and covers the basics; meaning, read the fine print or speak with an agent before you pay up!

In a hurry? Check out World Nomads for some affordable options.




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