Teacher Airfare

Your Flight to Korea

The airfare perks you receive depends on a few variables which differ between job sectors.

Airfare benefits as a private school teacher

You can expect your flight to Korea to be paid for by your employer. Most private school (hagwons) employers will provide you with a prepaid flight to Korea from your closest international airport. A smaller number of schools in this sector offer a full airfare reimbursement which you would receive shortly after arriving. In most instances the Gone2Korea team will take care of your flight arrangements (at no expense to you) and send you an electronic e-ticket by email. We also arrange your airport pickup service so someone will be waiting for you in the arrivals gate when you land.

The majority of schools also offer a return flight home which you will receive near the end of your contract period. Some schools, typically in the popular working areas where employers receive high volumes of applications such as Seoul or Busan, only offer free flights to Korea but not back home.


Airfare benefits as a public school teacher

Public schools do not offer prepaid flights. Alternatively they provide an ‘Entrance Allowance’ of 1.3 million KRW which you’ll receive 2-6 weeks after arriving. At the end of your contract you’ll receive an ‘Exit Allowance’, for another 1.3 million KRW which you can use to purchase your flight home.


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