Teacher Airfare

Your Flight To Korea


Airfare perks for western teachers have a few variations that differ between sectors.

Airfare benefits as a private school teacher

Most private school (hagwons) employers offer prepaid flights into Korea from the teachers closest international airport. A smaller number of schools in this sector offer a full airfare reimbursement which the teacher receives shortly after arriving.
As for the flight home at the end of the contracted term; this benefit is no longer standard practice and varies from school to school. Some employers offer teachers a flight home at the end of the contracted term while others don’t and the teachers are required to purchase their own flight home.

Airfare benefits as a public school teacher

Public schools offer an airfare reimbursement upon arrival or, an entrance allowance which equates to 1.3 million KRW to enter Korea and another 1.3 million KRW at the end of the contract to exit Korea and return home (exit allowance).