Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions illustrate the relationship between you (hereby referred to as ‘candidate’), your Korean based employer (hereby referred to as ’employer’) and Gone2Korea.

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When applying with Gone2Korea I am aware of and accept the following conditions as a candidate.

  • Gone2Korea will assist candidate with the steps involved with obtaining employment in Korea (hereafter referred to as the venture).
  • Gone2Korea does not guarantee ‘job placement’ in Korea.
  • It is the candidates’ responsibility to obtain the necessary documentation needed to participate in the venture.
  • Gone2Korea is not responsible or liable for products or services that may be granted to the candidate by third party organizations associated with the venture. This may include but is not limited to; airline carriers, transportation companies, Korean consulates or embassies, Korean schools, Immigration offices, government offices in my home country, other.
  • Candidate accepts all risks associated with participation in the venture (working overseas). Risks include, but are not limited to; bodily injuries, disease and death, property damage, loss of property, travel delays.
  • Gone2Korea does not provide candidate with any form of travel or work-related insurance.
  • Candidate understands that Gone2Korea is not the employer. The employment contract is strictly between the employer (Korean school) and the candidate.
  • Gone2Korea is not responsible for breach of contract by the candidate or the employer. If employer breaches the contract Gone2Korea agrees to help candidate resolve the dispute in a timely manner and to the best of our ability.
  • Candidate understands that it is their personal responsibility to abide by Korean laws and candidate maintains sole responsibility for their personal conduct throughout the duration of the venture.
  • Candidate understands that Gone2Korea is not liable for any of the candidates’ actions associated with the venture.
  • If the candidates’ involvement with the venture is considered detrimental to the employer, their colleagues or associates, the candidate may be expelled from the venture without recourse against Gone2Korea.

By choosing to use Gone2Korea services candidate assumes full responsibility for all things associated with the venture. Candidate agrees to completely and forever waive, discharge, and concur not to sue, Gone2Korea (or its employees and representatives), from any losses, liabilities, claims, actions, suits, damages, demands, costs and expenses from any cause that are a result of my direct or indirect involvement with the venture.

I, the candidate, understand the subject matter in this agreement. This agreement shall be enforced and interpreted in accordance with the laws in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Please feel free to contact Gone2Korea at info@gone2korea.com if you have any questions with respect to these conditions, thank you.