Why Use Gone2Korea

Choosing Gone2Korea For Securing Employment In Korea


Our Services are FREE: All of our services are free to teachers. We obtain a onetime fee from the school you decide to work for. We do not take a percentage of your pay check and our fee has no impact on the salaries that you’re eligible for – guaranteed.

Experience: We’re an experienced company with a solid track record among teachers and schools alike. Gone2Korea is one of the largest recruiting companies in North America and we have access to hundreds of credible franchises and independent private school positions throughout South Korea. We also have the capacity to assist teachers looking to work in the public school sector. We have been successfully placing teachers for over 8 years and we are always adapting our methods to offer the best service possible.

Reputation: We care about our company’s reputation! We are well aware that a few bad placements could translate into very negative outcomes for future business. We do everything we can to ensure that our teachers enjoy the experience of teaching abroad, starting with friendly service and matching applicants with the best offers possible.

Experienced Staff:Our staff is comprised of former western ESL teachers and Korean correspondents. All of our staff have spent at least 1 year living and teaching in Korea. We understand the industry and we are able to provide accurate answers to your questions. If you have a question that we cannot answer on the spot, we will research the topic on your behalf and get back to you as soon as possible so that you are properly informed.

Credibility: We’re honest and to the point with all of our teachers. We do not waste time ‘sugar coating’ benefits and advantages that were never there to begin with. Rest assured you will receive honest opinions and realistic recommendations based on your requests and related experience.

Our Services: We are a full service placement agency; you will not be hassled with multiple people providing different information at different times. We are here to guide you through each step of the placement process. Your job details, issuance numbers, consulate contacts, Korean consulate application form and other related matters will all come directly from us; we have our own travel agents who organize flights when a school is not able to. We try to make things as seamless and stress free as possible for all of our teachers

Where we are Located: Our head office is located in North America which makes it easy for applicants to reach us at realistic hours. After all, teachers need the bulk of information and assistance before they leave their home country and not after they arrive in Korea. Although we work with British, Australian, South African and New Zealand residents, the large majority of our teachers are North American citizens; therefore, communicating regularly is easy and efficient. We also provide emergency Korean contact information to teachers prior to their departure.

The Information we Provide: Our website and Information Packages are the most comprehensive information resources available with respect to teaching English in Korea.

Our Availability: We are not a small part time operation. Our office has people available 5 days a week (Monday through Friday) who are here to help teachers in a timely manner. Our regular office hours are 11:00am to 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

Schools we Work With: We screen and verify every new private school we work with to ensure that the working experience for the teacher is maxamized.

Profile Postings: Unlike many Korean based recruiters, we do not post teacher profiles online for any school to review. We only submit teacher applications to schools that have been screened and verified beforehand. Note: This statement is not applicable to public schools.

Full Support & Assistance: We offer full support, guidance and assistance to our teachers during their time in Korea. What does ‘full support’ really mean? It means in the unlikely event that a problem should occur; we will be there to help you resolve the issue professionally and with good intent.  Additionally, we’re here to give tips and advice for whatever you may need, including travel, shopping, nightlife, etc.

Contact: Gone2Korea applicants who are considering one of our private schools contracts will be able to correspond, via phone or email, with at least one of the current western teachers working at the school. This allows for a first hand impression of the school, the director, the location, the apartment and so on, before a final decision on the offer is required.

Recommended: Roughly 30% of our applicants are referrals from people who have used our services before.

Airport Assistance: We provide all of our teachers with arrival assistance and information. In most cases we’ll have someone from the school, or an airport pick-up service, waiting for when you arrive.

Getting you the Best Job Available: Different schools request different types of teachers, if we feel the submission of a better photograph, more detailed resume, etc. is going to help you land a better job then we will let you know immediately.

Contracts: We ensure every applicant that all contracts presented will contain important ‘contract basics’. Contracts that fail to meet these minimum requirements will be sent back to the schools for revisions or we will make the revisions ourselves and have them approved by the school.

School Interviews: If it’s your first time intervieing for an ESL position in Korea, one of our staff members will prepare you beforehand. We’ll provide you with a list of potential questions and offer some tips on how to present yourself during your interview.