Living & Working in Daejeon

A quick overview

Daejeon is South Korea’s 5th largest city with a population of just under 1.5 million people.  Located south of Seoul in the center of Korea, Deajeon is prime destination for weekend travel.  Due to its central location, and the newly built KTX high speed train which makes daily stops at Daejeon station, weekend trips to the coast, other major cities and cultural destinations are easily accessible.

Daejeon also boasts a large foreign community and numerous entertainment areas.  The city is a great teaching destination for those who want to live in a large city with a less chaotic living environment than Seoul or Busan.


Daejeon City Symbol

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Cost Of Living in DaejeonGiven its size and population, Daejeon is relatively cheap in comparison to the other major cities in Korea.
Foreigners in DaejeonDaejeon has a relatively large foreign population of English teachers and engineers. There are a number of venues in Daejeon where many of the teachers congregate regularly.
Transportation in DaejeonDaejeon has excellent transportation for a city of its size. Daejeon has a small yet efficient subway system, excellent bus routes and direct access to the KTX high speed train.
Daejeon EntertainmentThere are numerous entertainment options available for western teachers living in Daejeon. The city has a vibrant entertainment district, professional sports teams, accessible ski resorts, museums, theatres, karaoke rooms, cafes, restaurants, bars, the Daejeon zoo and a number of must see festivals. Daejeon is also home to the EXPO 93 Park where teachers can find exciting things to see and do year round.
Shopping in DaejeonDaejeon is not famous for its shopping options. Although they have large department stores and lots of indoor and outdoor markets they lack the large retail sector that many westerners tend to enjoy.
Nightlife in DaejeonNightlife in Daejeon is better than average but the city is not renowned for its western nightlife scene. There are hundreds of trendy bars, nori-bongs and Korean nightclubs, however, western nightclubs are limited.
Daejeon LandscapeLike most cities in Korea, Daejeon has dozens of nearby mountains with excellent hiking trails. Daecheonghosu Lake also offers a wide variety of options for nature lovers who live in the area
Noise in DaejeonSimilar to the other major cities in Korea noise in Daejeon is inevitable
Pollution in DaejeonAir quality is reduced during the warmer summer months. The streets are relatively clean and trash is picked up daily.